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Sorry I’ve been so distant…

Well it’ s been a long time since I’ve writen in this blog…and A LOT has changed! Most notably in my career prospects. Unfortunately personal problems meant that I was not able to continue on the path I was on before to becoming an entrepreneur. This setback has undoubtedly been a hard pill to swallow. However, as Richard Farleigh states, the key to becoming succcessful is to learn and ultimately bounce back from your mistakes. Financially, I have not lost much. However in terms of momentum, I have lost a lot. I have rejoined the rat-race in the big smoke. However, I am working within the same industry, for a company who I considered to become a key supplier of ours. As an ISP, the company is extremely innovative in a very convulted market. This gives them a degree of flexibility enabling them to position themselves as a niche supplier. So in terms of career prospects, it is a good opportunity.

I am still learning as much as I can with regards to self development and coaching. I have yet to undertake an NLP diploma, but this is something that is definitely on the agenda for next yr. I have been to many seminars since I went to see Chris Howard, learning a wealth of information from each. I have also purchased a number of books and audio books from ‘gurus’ such as Donald Trump to Jay Abrahams. However, it doesn’t matter how many books you buy, it is all about how you implement what you read. And for me, these next 12 months will be critical for me to take action to achieve my massive goals.

One thing that I learnt relatively early is that to become wealthy, you cannot just rely on one source of income. Therefore, I have been looking at many passive income streams that I can learn and implement. One method that interests me greatly is online marketing. I have been keenly studying different methods for the last 18 months, ranging from article marketing to SEO and PPC. I have implemented campaigns with varying degrees of success. However these campaigns will require dilligence and persistence…all attributes that I feel I possess.

Anyway, you can be certain that I will be keeping you well informed throughout the rest of my journey. There will be many highs, and even more lows, but I hope I will learn from this experience, and if you learn something from my mistakes, then all the better.


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