Why I HATE the snow…

So Britain is in the midst of it’s coldest winter for 2 decades. Great. Call me a spoil sport, but I can’t stand the snow. Most things about it I hate. It’s cold, causes wide scale disruption, messes up transport routes, but most importantly, it’s cold! But significantly, is this a sign of the effect global warming is having on our climate?

I’m not an expert in this field, but I think that it’s clear to see the impact that we’re having on our environment. But that’s an argument for another day. Hopefully the recession will be a good excuse for the government to increase the incentives available for ‘greener’ schemes. For example, their incentive to a conglomerate including Rolls Royce of £47million to design the world’s first completely green engine is paltry compared to the grants offered elsewhere throughout the globe.

However, the main issue I have had with the snow is the utter disruption it has caused to our transport system. On Monday in the city, everything stopped. Literally. All the tubes were down bar the Victoria line. There were no buses on the roads until the late afternoon, and I don’t even recall the trains leaving the station! It’s just lucky that I walk to work as there would have been no other method available to get in. We only had 5 people make it in that day, and I know we weren’t alone, as businesses and schools closed for the day. And we only had 6 inches of the stuff! Imagine what would have happened if we experienced the same amount of snowfall as Switzerland. Or Denmark. Or any country that has snowfall for more than 3 days a year.

But the one thing that I LOVE about the snow is that it brings the best out of people’s creative sides. On my walks to work, I have come across 6ft Igloos built out of snow, intricately carved snowmen, delicate figurines. Even now I’ve been made aware of a snow cock hunt that took place! Thanks to #LStacey for the heads-up. But although it is sad seeing all these statues melt away, I am not sad to see the back of the snow.


1 Response to “Why I HATE the snow…”

  1. 1 Lee Stacey (@LStacey) February 6, 2009 at 9:40 am

    I agree completely. Snow is a major pain in the butt! I work in London and live near the south coast so Monday’s snow meant I couldn’t get to work at all… Probably fair to say that I tried harder than most too. The trains haven’t been right since!

    What really gives me the pip is the smug Canadians and all those others that come from places where snow is more common. All you hear from them is “Well, we seem to cope OK” and “Isn’t it funny how England grinds to a stand still at the first sign of snow?” Honestly… Shut up. Of course we grind to a stand still. We’re totally unprepared for it. Why are we unprepared for it? Because it doesn’t happen that often. Especially down here in the south. Sure, we could prepare for it just as well as anyone but it’s hardly worth investing billions on snow solutions that will only be used one day a year. If that.

    ANYWAY that’s my rant out of the way. Enjoy the snowcock hunt!

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