ADSL2+ Annex-M Comparison

We’ve been working on quite a lot of marketing info in recent weeks, to showcase the properties of Annex-M ADSL2+ compared to services available in the market currently. Seems that quite a lot of the channel either is not aware of either the efficiency, speed or cost to their client base of Annex-M, or is awaiting the arrival EFM. We’ve recently installed a demo suite in our offices to demonstrate our Annex-M in action against that of other carriers. We can also showcase our MLPPP platform in action, and the results we’ve obtained using this. The below graph helps to show not only the price point of AnnexM, but also how well it can perform in optimum conditions.

Annex-M ADSL2+ comparison graph

Annex-M ADSL2+ comparison graph

A large number of our client base who use our Annex-M services do so to underpin bandwidth intensive applications, where traditionally they would have deployed a costly leased line or legacy SDSL circuit. This helps them to decrease their overall cost of ownership, whilst improving on the performance of the applications they run within their network.

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