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My new blog –

Well I’ve finally bitten the bullet and got my own domain name, to which I’ve moved this blog too. This means that I will not be using this blog any longer. If you want to keep on reading my ramblings, the domain is

See you on the other side!


HTC vs Apple part deux

Ok. So if you konw me, you’ll know that I’m NOT an Apple or iPhone fan. I came across these videos thanks to @prgeek – Hilarious and so true!

PS – This is NSFW

Little sidenote: The guy who made these videos worked for Best Buy. He promptly lost his job. Unfair?

Have you ever forgotten where you were the night before?

Well now Google can tell you!  

I was having a play with Google Latitude recently, and stumbled across a feature allowing Google to track your location history. It even plots it on a map, as seen here! Scary when you think of all the possible uses for it, but a good example of the use of tech. However the question remains, do we trust Google with our data? Until they get subpoenaed I do, but with a lot of scepticism. Saying that, I will be removing my location history pronto!

What’s wrong with sales?

I was talking to one of my friends recently about career prospects. He’s not long out of uni, and like most recent graduates, is confused about his options. However one thing he is adamant about is that he doesn’t want to go into sales. It’s a strange attitude, but one that I encounter quite often. And the question needs to be asked, ‘What’s wrong with sales’?

His immediate reaction to this question was to say that he didn’t want to be a double glazing sales person. Slightly narrow minded immediately! However in my view, everyone needs to have a degree of sales knowledge about them, as at some stage in everyone’s lives, we will need to sell either ourselves, a brand or a product. Whether it be in an interview, selling your company to potential  investors or even selling yourself on a date. We need to be aware of how to persuade someone to trust us. And here is the problem, as one of my colleagues put it recently. Sales (and it’s respective attributes) is a skill that many feel uneasy around, as people don’t want to feel as if they’re being sold too, instead wanting to be left alone to make their own decisions. Using the example of guys trying to pick up girls, I can remember plenty of times when younger, when friends (and probably myself…) chased girls badgering them to go out with us! Cringing to think about, but inevitably it didn’t work, as it reeked of desperation. However it only reinforces the point that when actively selling, it comes across as needy and desperate. And when my friend thought about getting into sales, this  is the image that he had of sales people.

Is there a way to change this image? Probably, but it will need to start in the home or at school. However, is there a willingness to change this? Probably not unfortunately. In my opinion, the more young people we generate that have an understanding of sales, and how it can fit into an organisation, the more entrepreneurs this country will generate, which will help the private sector plug the gap of the public sector.

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