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Leased line services on copper?

Over at FD Wholesale, we’ve been doing some trials in our R&D department bonding Annex M tails together and we’ve been able to get throughput normally associated with leased lines. We’re roughly 1.5Km from our local exchange, and when bonding 2 lines, the total sync rate was 26.7Mbps down and 4Mbps up. When we bonded 4 lines, we obtained 56Mbps down and 8Mbps up.

The applications for this are wide ranging. Consider having a client who lives 5Km+ from their local exchange. 1 DSL would offer them little throughput to sustain a number of users. Aggregate 2 or 3 together and suddenly they can start to look at IP applications that may improve business processes such as SIP or Video conferencing. Another example may be where a client can’t gain wayleave agreement to obtain a fibre run. In this instance, they can have a bonded Annex M service offeirng up to 80Mbps down and 10Mbps up. Obviously these are headline speeds and are dependant on quality of copper and line length, but in all but the worst circumstances, a bonded Annex M service can start to become a compelling alternative to EFM or FTTC. Using the BE network, this is also available immediately, nationwide. No waiting for 2012 to have a coverage of c.300 exchanges.

Currently this is something that all our channel partners are utilising, as it gives them a cost effective alternative to a leased line. Based on the Cisco proprietory protocol, traditionally the stumbling point has been the high initial price point associated with the routers. However, we’ve been conducting some trials with a manufacturer called Virtual Access using their GW7000 boxes, and they’ve been very successful in terms of throughput and stability. However, even more compelling is the fact that they lower the initial price point of the solution to sub £500.

Personally I feel that bonding Annex M tails, at the core is a lot more resilinet solution than trying to aggregate them at the client end, using an external aggregator, as it means that there is little overhead, lower packet loss and less latency. In my opinion, the main thing to take away from this is that even though fibre will still have it’s uses, the applications for DSL are ever increasing. Whereby traditionally a leased line was the only method available to provide large amounts of throughput, the landscape is ever changing to incorporate DSL.


The change in our economy

When I was younger, it was considered the ‘done thing to do’ to go to school and work hard to get a good education to make yourself as attractive as possible for big companies to come and sweep you off your feet. I often remember my teachers preaching to me about how I would need to go to Uni to do a graduate placement with a major organisation so I could guarantee myself financial security for my adulthood. Fast forward 10 years and not even the bigger companies are safe from the turmoil enveloping our economy.

I was fairly lucky in that my dad realised the values of playing the big corporations at their own game, in that he worked for them, worked his way up, learnt as much as he thought necessary and then setup on his own. Now although this was still considered risky back then, there is no doubt that in this day and age, there are numerous benefits to be had, due to the advent of technology available to us. When he setup, he had to leave the security of a well paid job just to gain the knowledge and put together the processes that would last a decade. Now, with the internet, it is possible to passively put the seeds in place to flower into something that can subtly compliment your regular income.

So when did all this change and how? Well there’s no doubt that the advent of the Internet sped up the process. More people were able to find knowledge, funding, clients and expertise within their field to set-up-shop and create a business. Due to the lack of bureaucracy, these companies are more flexible and dynamic, as they are driven by a passionate management group, as opposed to a board sucking out more than they put in. And in this current climate, a company that is driven, dynamic and flexible will stand a lot more chance of weathering the current storm., however long it lasts.

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