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Cult-ish events…

If someone asked you the question “How did you spend your weekend”, and you answered “by sitting in a room with 150 strangers with no air conditioning for 7 hours/day, they would probably think that you had run off to join a secretive cult!

To be honest, the weekend seminars that The Coaching Academy put on throughout the country can be sometimes perceived as cult-ish! Like a cult, they are secretive. Like a cult, people attend them for inspiration. And like a cult, people usually leave inspired! However, and most importantly, the seminars differ from a cult in that they do not force you to join anything that you don’t want too.

Personally, whenever I go on a free seminar I am always skeptical, as the expense of these events needs to be justified by orders or subscriptions. Therefore, there usually is quite a noticeable ‘sales pitch’ throughout them, be it throughout the seminar, or at the end of the seminar. However, The Coaching Academy differs markedly from the norm, by their insistence in making you completely comfortable with the concepts of coaching, the techniques used, the ways by which one can become a coach and the lifestyle of a coach. They do give you the tools to become a coach by using their literature. However, they do it in an informative manner, as opposed to ramming their thoughts down your throat.

I must admit that I am not an amateur to coaching, as I have been to one of their free weekends once before. However, this time I really was bowled over by the enthusiasm of the audience, who were extremely friendly and always receptive to understanding new ideas put forward by the learned senior coaches. Furthermore it was a good way to refresh my thoughts on achieving my personal goals set for the new year.

As expressed throughout this blog, I have more than a passing interest in coaching and have endeavoured to understand more about a sector that is now thriving both in the UK and more so in the US. The Coaching Academy’s free tuition weekend enables people who have no experience of coaching or self development to understand a lot more about coaching and self development, within a relaxed and comfortable environment. As although the point of the weekend is to persuade you that coaching via The Coaching Academy would be beneficial, there is absolutely no pressure on one to sign up. This is not a fancy sales pitch, whereby you are constantly sold the benefits of The Coaching Academy for the duration of the weekend like others who employ this tactic. This is a relaxed meeting where you can understand the possible benefits of coaching for others and for yourself, and then can make a decision in your own time on whether this could be a viable career option for you.

I would advise anyone who is looking at other revenue streams, or just looking for some inspiration, to have a look at personal coaching, either through the Coaching Academy, or other coaching establishments in the UK. And there are many. If this post has come across as being very ‘in favour’ of The Coaching Academy, it is because I am. I am in no way affiliated with them, and will not stand to profit in any way shape or form should someone join them after reading this article. I just believe that the for people who have open minds, coaching can be an interesting option when it comes to alternative revenue streams and self development.


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